Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Goals and more

Here's what you do (based on Chris Brogan's Wiring Yourself for Success,
* Determine 3+ guiding words for my efforts in 2010.
* List 1-3 paths to accomplishing those goals (aka strategies).
* List distractions that might possibly scuttle my efforts.
* List the steps for each path (these are the projects that map to the goals).
* List what the “finish line” looks like.
* List what comes next, should I actually accomplish something major along those paths.

*Eat better (nutrition-wise, not technique-wise)
*plan meals before the last minute when I only want something that will take 2 minutes or less to make
*yoga for relaxation and stretching
*belly dance and tap dance

*Time (to plan meals, to make meals, to exercise)
*Energy (lack)
*Clutter (in the way of doing yoga)

*Plan on the weekend what meals to make during the upcoming week, and make sure that we have the groceries we need.
*Cook big meals (for leftovers) on Sundays and Wednesdays.
*Be sure to have healthy snacks around. Find 20 minutes or more each day to do yoga. *When the Sahara Desert Dancers start working on the new routines, attend all rehearsals in Lewiston.
*Go back to yoga class when the next session begins.
*Go geocaching.
*Don’t worry about the times when these things don’t work well; just keep trying!
*blog progress!

“Finish Line”:
*More energy
*smaller clothes
*better sleep
*more relaxation

Next Steps:
*Be healthy
*Be happy.

*Get rid of stuff I don't need/use/want (give to others, sell online, etc.)
*find ways to organize what is left so that it is easily found and put away
*focus on one thing at a time
*blog progress

*Nostalgia (to keep things)
*space (to put things)
*money (to buy tools to organize)

*Get rid of things I know I don’t need, ASAP.
*Get the Library of Congress books out of the kitchen and into the schools.
*Figure out a plan for laundry, so it always gets put away, and it doesn’t pile up in the dining room.
*Decide what to do with the cupboards in the kitchen, so everything has a home, then put it there.
*Make lists of what needs to get done, and choose to do ONE at a time.
*Buy a mail organizer, and keep it organized!
*Go through the piles of papers and file or toss.
*Get rid of more stuff.

“Finish Line”:
*Less stress
*more space
*less time wasted looking for things

*Give away stuff I don't need/use/want
*teach others what I know
*blog about progress here and what I am learning
*be more active with my PLN on twitter

*Resources that other PLN people share on twitter get me sidetracked, but they also help me learn more--need more balance

*Offer classes for teachers (free)
*Continue newsletter
*Give stuff away to people
*Offer workshops for teachers.

“Finish Line”:
*More teachers participating
*more experience working with adult learners
*better resume
*keep my job (or have options for others)

Next Steps:
*Expand online courses to include other educators from outside the district.

*Don’t always work
*turn off the computer sometimes
*find time to read books
*blog progress

Work is fun (which is not a bad thing, but I need to do other things, too)

*Take time to do things that are NOT related to work.
*Shut off the computer more.
*Use time at work more efficiently, so that home time is home time.

“Finish Line”
*Work is done primarily at work, and time at home is spent doing non-work things. *Savasana is not spent thinking about how to solve work problems, but thinking about breathing and relaxing.

Next Steps:
*CONTINUE to seek out balance.

*Read more
*Pay attention to my PLN
*Learn to be a moodle administrator
*Learn to create websites
*Learn something neat this summer
*Re-learn forgotten things (German, Russian)
*blog progress

*Learning something new leads to something else, ||: which leads to something else :||

*Define time (with limits) to read PLN blogs/tweets/etc.
*Do moodle/website learning while at work
*Figure out what to learn this summer, and go for it!
*Take time to read and listen to podcasts in German and revisit Russian
*Take time to read

“Finish Line”:
*I’ll have a new skill by the end of the summer
*I’ll be able to create websites
*RSU will have a new, easy-to-navigate website
*Teachers will be able to create moodle courses
*Teachers will be able to participate in moodle courses
*I’ll be more comfortable speaking German and Russian again

*Find a new skill to focus on for next summer, building on this year’s skill
*Continue to update RSU websites
*Help teachers to create websites to connect to RSU site
*Speak more German and Russian; maybe add Latin for fun

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